LBC Signature Facials with Color Therapy/Treatment "PEEL OFF" Mask` 

   These signature facial includes a customized Peel Off Mask which is unique in color therapy or/and has major treatment benefits.  We have researched the ingredients and chose some of the finest brands that are nutrient rich, with different skin enhancement properties based on your needs.  

"Lavender Dreams" Facial with a Sensitive Skin Peel Off Mask.... $80 (60 Min)

​Mask Features: Calming Lavender colored mask with bilberry extract that assist with circulation and chamomile azulen to reduce inflammation)( Also includes other sensitive skin products, customized for you...

"Cherry Dreams" Facial - Vitamin C Algae Peel Off Mask... $90 (60 Min)

Mask Features: Cherry hue mask is loaded with the well known free radical fighter Vitamin C, improves collagen and also improves elasticity while revitalizing and hydrating the skin on the spot with the usage of algae.

"Forever Young Dreams" Facial with a Anti-Aging Collagen Peel Off Mask...$90 (60 Min)

Mask Features: Hydrating mask that improves elasticity, gives you firmness and reduces the appearance of fine line & wrinkles...

"Green Cell Rejuvenating Dreams" Facial with a Cold Cryogenic Peel Off Mask... $100 (60 Min)

Mask Features: Promotes cell renewal by supplying amino acids from Spirulina which helps tone, tighten and reduce fine lines & wrinkles. Has moisturizing alginates, loaded with free radical fighting antioxidants, supports tissue structure, repairs damaged skin, assist with clearing hyperpigmentation and great for dehydrated skin...

"Brightening Dreams" with a Arbutin Whitening Peel Off Mask...$125 (60 Min)

Mask Features: Using a Natural Plant Extract "Arbutin" (Bearberry Plant) to brighten the skin with its lightening power; is perfect for dark spots, hyper pigmentation, sun damaged skin and uneven skin tones.  This mask also has Vitamin C and scutellaire extracts serving as antioxidants.

"Olive Oil Dreams" with a Olive Oil Algae Peel Off Mask...$85 (60 Min)

Mask Features: This Olive Oil mask contains Fatty Acids that improves the top layer of skin; it's also great for restoring the skins collagen & elasticity because it penetrates deep into the skin.  This mask will draw out impurities, absorb excess sebum (the oil that produces acne) and is packed with Anti-Aging antioxidants. The mask is non-pore clogging, doesn't exacerbate (irritate) existing skin conditions and moisturizes.

"Caviar Texture Changing Dreams" with a Caviar Bio-Complex Peel Off Mask... $140 (60 Min)

Mask Features: This mask firms and refines the texture of your skin with a unique blend of bio-stimulators, vitamin A, D, B1, B2, B6, micro-elements, and amino acids. The Caviar Dreams will also help reduce fine lines & wrinkles while leaving your skin looking amazing and feeling hydrated.

"Lemon Seaweed Goodbye Acne Dreams" with a Seaweed Algae & Lemon Essential Peel Off Mask... $90 (60 Min)

(Mask Features: Nourishing Seaweed and Lemon Essential Oils to tone, tighten and brighten your skin.. The lemon essential oil is best known for its antiseptic / astringent benefits and perfect for oily acneic skin..) 

" I Dream Of Papaya" Peel Off Mask" (coming soon)

LBC Body Peel Off Mask

"Slim Body Cellulite Busting Dreams" with a Slimming Treatment Peel Off BODY Mask... $300 (120 Min)

   Body Mask Feature:  This full body treatment (excluding the face) is known as a slimming body peel off mask that uses active well known ingredients to combat excess body fat. Some active ingredients include; Cocoa (to help mobilize lipid reserves), Caffeine in Guarani (to gently stimulate and restore natural balance) as well as essential oils that aide these active ingredients while attacking cellulite and reshaping the silhouette..

​​​​*LBC Signature Imported Jade Hot Stone Facial ... ​  $140 (60 Min)                                             


   Jade Stones are the crown of all stones when it comes to positive results. The stones deeply relax the muscles relieving tension and stress. Furthermore, the utilization of Jade, increases blood flow that leads to healthy body functions like, increased lymphatic flow, cardiovascular circulatory system repair, fighting infections, maintaining healthy blood levels and flushing toxins from the body. 

​*LBC Signature Imported Jade Hot Stone Back-Cial...  $150 (60 Min)

   Our signature Back-cial is a relaxing back treatment which includes a cleanser customized just for you based on the condition of the skin on your back. This service includes exfoliation to remove dead skin, hydrating distilled steam to draw out any impurities and a back Masque'.  To complete the total experience,  warm Jade Stones will be placed around your back to relax your muscles and relieve any tension leaving you ready to conquer the world. (See LBC Signature Imported Jade Hot Stone Facial to see the benefits that you'll get from using the stones)... 

   You should know that contraindications (non-qualification) apply for this service  AND We DO NOT offer a massage with this service, we stay in the scope of Skin Care Specialist.... (See Massage for Hot Stone with Massage)