Cluster Lashes & Sales

 Levels to this:
 *7D Basic Cluster Eyelashes -
 Reg. $50 Sale $40  

 *Ultra Thick Feather Weight Clusters - $55

 *Knot Free Feather Weight Clusters - $60

 * "REMY" Quality Feather Weight Clusters -$70

  Fills are 50% off original price based on lash loss 

STRIP Lashes with Application                                 *Basic Strip - $15

*Human Hair Strip - $20



           Full Service Makeup

*Professional Portfolio Makeup     *Wedding Makeup

*On Location Photo Shoots           *Prom Makeup

*Special Effect Makeup                   *Graduation Makeup

* Halloween Makeup                        *Pretty Girls Rock Makeup

*Corrective Makeup                         *Full Face/ no Lashes

*Air Brush Makeup                          *Full Face/w strip Lashes

* Production/TV Makeup                 *Theatrical Makeup


La Beau Cara

 Current Individual Lash Service
                                                                                                                                      *Mink Individual Lash Appl. $250 & Up

Sale Price (CALL US) 

Fill price is 50% off & Up of Price Paid based on lash loss..
Strictly By Appointment

                        (Limited time!)  

During many of the makeup services, La Beau Cara uses  Mineral, Natural or Organic "Faces of Shelmoné Cosmetics" which happens to fit all Skin Types and Skin Tones! Purchase your cosmetics and prodcuts today! 

Add On & Other Treatments  

 *Scalp Therapy     $16                                        

  *Hot Towel Hand or Foot Treatment  $5           

​ *Under Eye Rejuvenating Treatment $20                             

 *Lip Scrub  $15                                                                                                    

 *Face Wrinkle Massage   $15                                                                                       

 *Extractions Face $15  Back $20                    

*Lymphatic Drainage Massage  $20  

*Brow & Eyes Contour - $45/(Strip Lashes Incl.)

*Lash Wash $15 LBC Lashes - $ 20 Others

*Lash Removal -$15 LBC - $20 Others