Our Massage Therapist have a passion for the industry of massaging and bringing results to sufferers of stress, pain & tension....They have the ability to use their hands to pause the world while you relax.

* Swedish Relaxation Massage$100 (1 Hr) -$140 (90 Min.) - $190 (2 Hrs)

Rhythmic soothing strokes using the pressure of your preference (light, medium or firm) while you zone out to the ultimate relaxation, Soothes Pain & Stiffness

*Deep Tissue Massage  $100 (1 Hr) - $140 (90 Min) - $190 (2 Hrs)
Comfortable firm pressure along with slow deep rhythmic strokes that are designed to reach below the muscles. Relieves muscle tension & spasms, increases mobility & range of motion and helps with pain & stiffness.

*Sports Massage $110 (1 Hr) - $150 (90 Min) - $200 (2 Hrs)
Stretches tight muscles, increases flexibility, wakes up inactive muscles, speeds recovery after injuries and is a injury deterrent, increases range & motion, reduces post workout recovery time, loosens muscles & joints and improves endurance...